Organic since 1980

LA TERRA E IL CIELO was founded in 1980 by the pioneering initiative of the first members, in a historical period in which conventional agriculture prevails and the organic sector represents a niche.

The founders

The founders want to adopt a more sustainable approach to cultivation, in a peasant region par excellence like Marche, rediscovering at the same time a more balanced relationship with nature, the environment and themselves. The cooperative is considered the first and most lasting organic experience on the Italian scene.

The rediscovery of ancient varieties of cereals and legumes represents one of the cardinal points of the cooperative’s activity. Today spelt (Triticum Dicoccum), particularly suitable for pasta making, toasted “Mondo” barley, used as a substitute for coffee, millet, the ancient grains (Senatore Cappelli and Taganrò), the grass pea, represent for La Terra e il Cielo the true symbols of their choice of quality and sustainability. Today, the range of products, in terms of cultivation and, therefore, food, has expanded towards wide range of types of pasta, cereals, flour, rice, legumes, barley coffee. Production is characterized by a certified traceability, almost completely local, that very few companies in Italy can boast.

The rediscovery


Over the years, the cooperative has become a solid organic reality without ever losing touch with the values ​​of solidarity, equity and respect for nature. Today pasta and all the other organic products, obtained from raw materials grown in uncontaminated environments and with the aim of a fair remuneration of the farmers, are the most appreciated in many countries of the world.